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3 Must Have Maternity Photos to Take at Home

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

You’re pregnant and you will be welcoming your little one so soon! It’s time to start planning how your life will change and what new things you get to experience either as a first time Mom or a “I have a better idea of what I’m doing now” Mom. You will probably be doing things like reading Mom blogs (like this one), resting, celebrating with friends and family, setting up the nursery, and other things to prepare for baby.

You are pregnant for 40 weeks and your baby and your body will change during that time. You may be feeling great the whole time or you may feel like it’s hard to remember to think about taking maternity photos.

One thing you don’t want to skip out on is taking photos of this beautiful time!

Your baby will absolutely love looking at these photos of you before she was born.

Keep reading to see 3 must-have maternity photos you can take at home!

1. A photo in the baby’s nursery:

You spend so much time getting ready for baby by setting up the perfect room to welcome her home. Take a photo in the nursery! You can be as dressy or as casual as you’d like, just make sure to document it! I have only seen a few photos of my mom when she was pregnant with me and then with my brother and I couldn’t tell you what our home, or much less what the nursery looked like. These maternity photos in your nursery aren’t just for you, but also for your baby to see when she gets older.

2. A photo with your partner:

Your maternity photos can be with just you or can include your family members! Be creative with what and how you want to document welcoming your baby. During this in-home maternity session, we photographed the parents while their two older daughters were having a snack. It was fun to use different areas in the family’s home during the maternity session, and that includes the kitchen!

3. A photo showing off your bump!

Of course we want to focus on that sweet baby bump! This was mama’s third baby and I loved using the window light for this photo. The simplicity helps us put our focus on that baby that will be here very soon!

Tabitha is a first time Mom that will be welcoming her daughter in August 2020. Tabitha lives in Silver Spring Maryland with her fiance and 3 adorable cats. She enjoys quality time with friends and family and is a lifestyle newborn and family photographer, passionate about photographing connection and emotion in photographs. To learn more about Tabitha’s lifestyle newborn and family photography, check out her work here:

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