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Mom Chat

The Mamistad Podcast

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Mom Chat

is about US, moms!  

We want to hear from YOU...

Official podcast launch day: Feb. 14, 2024

w/Mamistad 144

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Let's Chat!

Host Cynthia Tinajero, Certified New Parent Educator and Creator of Mamistad, welcomes moms to join the conversation about pregnancy, new motherhood and beyond! We celebrate all moms and their countless joys, struggles, challenges, lessons and triumphs!
Women are the most incredible creatures on the planet but when we become moms, we're limitless. When we join forces, we're a force of nature.
Let's talk to moms who prove this everyday, and those who don't even realize they do.

Mamistad Moms, you are the reason for this podcast. Our experiences together are the inspiration for these episodes. Please reach out to me if you have something to share or if you and another one of your Mamistad Group members would like to share some messages about  your group!
If you're not a Mamistad Member but you have a message to share with all moms out there, contact me here

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