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About Us

None of us really know what we're doing, but we're doing it together!

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When you're having a BABY, everyone tells you to JOIN a mom's group, they just don't tell you HOW...

We're here to help!

No moms is perfect. We all have our own unique journey but,
We have a lifetime of mom judgement coming our way - we don't need it in our friend groups. 

Let's  just figure it  out together. 

Baby steps and deep breaths.
Join us. 

Mamistad Is...

Mamistad is...

The mutual respect and admiration that exists between all loving mothers. 

It is instinctual and powerful. 
It ranges from our empathy for a pregnant Mami who worries that 

every pain she feels signals a health issue for her baby, 
to our compassion for a new Mami facing the dread of her baby's first vaccination. 
It's our sympathy for the Mami with a baby in the NICU or the not so-new-Mami leaving her baby
at day care for the first time. 
It spans our lifetimes and allows us to empathize with another Mami as she sends her child 
off to college or the military, or she prepares for their wedding day

It is the heartache we feel when we hear that another Mami has lived a parent's worst nightmare, the loss of their child.
Beyond all of this, Mamistad is the joy we feel when we watch a baby walk for the first time 
or the pride we feel for the Mami whose once little girl, now a woman, has just given birth to her very own baby.
Mamistad is a force that can empower mothers to change the world
through love, empathy and compassion.


I'm Cynthia and I created Mamistad  in Falls Church VA in 2005 in honor of my own mom, Guadalupe. Her love of moms and babies is her legacy, and it lives on in this group. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 2004 and our long journey together was the impetus for Mamistad.


My own first pregnancy coincided with my moms illness and led me to seek and find more like me to share the journey. Mamistad was created just months before my beautiful daughter was born. She was welcomed into a loving sisterhood of awesome women.  Soon their babies became her first friends!


I want as many people as possible to feel what I felt then, and to enjoy the friendships and life-long bonds I cherish now.


Mamistad will continue to grow as new members continue to join across the country. Our community will grow and evolve with this unpredictable world while we do our best to raise beautiful. loved and responsible human beings, together. 

Local groups will continue to be created where possible, to connect First-time Expecting and New Mamis with others  who have similar due/delivery dates. 


Virtual groups will continue to be available for all Mamistad members due in the same month, regardless of location, and Specialty Groups will connect Mamistad Members based on shared interests. 

  • What happens after I submit my profile?
    You'll be routed to our Events page where we hope you'll sign up for the next New Member Zoom Chat to have all of your questions answered. You'll also reciive a welcome letter, usually within 1 or 2 days with more information about your potential group.
  • Do I have to attend a New Member Zoom Chat?
    I ask that you attend a New Member Zoom Chat because there is a spirit to this group that I hope to convey in these meetings. It's also a great way for you to meet other new moms and feel apart of the group from the start. Members are usually even more excited to connect with their new groups after these meetings.
  • I work from home, where do I fit in?
    One of the criteria for group placement is your post-delilvery work plans - Office or Stay-at-home. If you work from home, please choose the category that best matches your availability to connect with your group.
  • Can I get a refund if I don't like my group?
    I ask all members to meet with their groups at least 3 times before they decide that the group is not for them. I also ask that you meet all the members (if possible) before making a decision. More times than not, moms make snap judgments about leaving groups and then return to try again. If your group still doesn't work for you, we will work together to find another group for you with a similar profile that is open to a new member.
  • Can I be in more than one group?
    Yes, for your basic membership fee, I will place you in two groups as long as you are able to be active in both. Active means that your group members are in touch with you on a regular basis and that you are a supportive member of the group. They know that you attend events as often as possible. In other words, your group can vouch for the fact that you are "active". :)
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