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I'm Cynthia...


I created Mamistad in 2005 when I was pregnant with my first and only beautiful and most amazing baby girl.


My beloved family is in Texas and many of my dearest friends are in L.A., where I was living my dream life after graduating from UT.  Mylife changed completely when my own beautiful Mami was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2004. She mom was my confidant and my cheerleader. She was my teacher and my role model. Her compassion for others was honestly beyond my comprehension for most of my life.


I returned to Texas to care for my mom and soon after, I met and married my awesome husband, Reggie. We moved to the DC area, and brought my mom with us. We were blessed to become pregnant within several months. With the wave of change in my life, and the new pregnancy, I soon found myself overcome with anxiety. Had it not been for the group of first-time mamas I was able to form online, I don't know where I would have been. I went from feeling isolated and lonely, with so many questions, to having 7 other moms who could relate to my many concerns. My husband was wonderful, but there are things only other women can understand - especially when it comes to pregnancy!


After my daughter was born, I decided to go back online and do my best to recreate this miracle I experienced, for other women. I called the group Mamistad - a combination of the Spanish words mami & amistad (friendship).

The Alzheimer's journey was a daunting one that left me sadder, but a lot stronger. My mom defeated Alzheimer's in 2012. Her spirit lives on in my amazing daughter and in my soul. The inevitable scars have taught me that vulnerability inspires beauty and compassion. I believe that out of pain comes passion.

In my humble experience with Mamistad, I've learned that women truly are the most incredible creatures on the planet. When a woman gives birth to her first child, she becomes a force beyond her own imagination, and usually, beyond her own realization. I believe that instead of wasting time tearing each other down, its time we moms start recognizing and acknowledging that force in each other. A sisterhood of moms is a force of nature.


The motherhood journey transforms with every generation. Each has its unique struggles. I believe that technology, useful as it is, can also serve to isolate us. This is especially daunting for new mothers. We need each other. We can't sustain the world if we're not working together.  :)

My mom was the most amazing example of a woman and mother I've ever known. She also instilled in me an adoration of new moms and precious babies - and Mamistad is the perfect outlet! My mom and my beautiful daughter are the muse and inspiration behind Mamistad. 

I became a Certified New Parent Educator because I want parents to know that I am doing my part to bring them the best information I can. Most of the time however, I'm blessed to have amazing experts to refer moms to - an amazing Mami Circle. After so many years, I've met some incredible and brilliant providers who know their stuff and do a fabulous job caring for new families. I feel its my job to help you find each other.


now live in Virginia with my incredibly supportive and brilliant husband, our incredible daughter and our most precious fur baby. ¡Mi mamá y yo todavía tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer! Life is good. 


~Cynthia Tinajero

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