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Susan Howard & Arlington Lactation

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What you need to know about 

For Mamistad Groups

Discount & a FREE Q&A

Learning is way more fun with your Mamistad Group! Expectant families can view the class in advance (at a discount for Mamistad members), then your group can reach out to me to arrange your group's free 60 minute virtual Q&A session! 


About the Class

Viewing time: 2.5 hrs.

Available for: 72 hrs.

After 20 years of supporting new families as a nurse and lactation consultant, ​I've developed the breastfeeding basics class, Babies, Boobs, and Breastfeeding: What you need to Know, to be chockfull of Ah-Ha moments for first-time parents. I want you to feel well prepared when it comes to feeding your baby. Families who have taken a breastfeeding class say they feel far more prepared for the early weeks.  In this 2.5 hour class we will talk about:


* Your changing breasts: building a milk factory
* The marvels of human milk
* The first feedings
* What to expect in the first 24 to 48 hours
* What you need to know in the hospital
* Recognizing hunger cues

* Latching, attaching & positioning your baby  

* Knowing if your baby is getting enough

* Involving the non-breastfeeding partner

* Warning signs and what to do

* Introducing bottles, pacis, pumping, and routines. 


 Not your first go-round breastfeeding a baby? Want to prepare for life with another child with older children in the mix? Check out my monthly LIVE Second Time Around class!

Susan Howard, RN, MSN, IBCLC

Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Arlington Lactation, LLC

O: 703.651.6466

C: 703.608.0466

All About Me

I began my nursing career as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. After starting my own family, I taught childbirth classes and later co-hosted a support group for new mothers. Breastfeeding was a hot topic for new mothers. It piqued my inner nerdiness about this idea of 'the womanly art' of breastfeeding.


I obtained my certification as a lactation consultant after the birth of my third baby, my 'challenge baby.'  She was a failure to thrive baby, refused to eat, and struggled to gain weight.  We fought hard for every ounce the first year of her life. I learned many lesssons from her.


Two years after that, I had my fourth baby: Arlington Lactation & Feeding Therapy, LLC.  Starting my private practice was like growing, nurturing, and birthing a newborn.  Arlington Lactation was hatched with three basic goals: nurturing mothers, feeding babies, and supporting breastfeeding. 


I proudly call myself a "lacto-geek" and love to talk about babies, breasts and feeding. I have a special interest in tongue ties and supporting babies with dysfunctional sucking skills. Working with medically-complex mothers and babies, including NICU graduates, reflux babies, slow gainers, and low supply mommas is my forte.  Helping nursing mothers prepare for the transition back to work also brings me great joy.

A reservation system is available for families wanting to reserve a floating spot for a newborn visit shortly after discharge. Birth is unpredictable; your reservation will ensure a timely visit.
The retainer needs to be submitted by the 36th week of pregnancy. Reservation spaces are limited.

Make a Reservation




O: 703.651.6466

C: 703.608.0466



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