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Social Media Accounts to Follow for Parents of Toddlers

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

If you’re a brand new parent, you may have found yourself recently scrolling through Instagram or Facebook more often, especially to help keep yourself awake during those middle of the night feedings. If you’d like to add some helpful parenting tips and developmental information to that endless scroll, this is the post for you! I’ve highlighted some accounts you might like to check out. These accounts address topics include developmentally appropriate activities to do with your child as he grows, strategies to promote proper language development, and tools to help manage temper tantrums with toddlers.

Big Little Feelings (@biglittlefeelings)

Although relatively new to the scene, moms Kristin (parent coach) and Deena (child therapist and parent coach) have rapidly built a following of over 2 million for a good reason. They were even featured on Good Morning America to share some of their wisdom with families across the country. Kristin and Deena offer courses on their website and great tips and strategies on their Instagram account to help you manage the toddler years like a pro. From tantrums to time-outs, they walk parents through how to hold your boundary, let your little one know they are loved, and teach them critical emotional regulation skills.

Feeding Littles (@feedinglittles)

First off, if you need a laugh, I highly recommend checking out this account! Megan, a dietitian, and Judy, an occupational feeding therapist, frequently post videos of various common feeding scenarios with babies and toddlers using an adult to act out the scenes in a hilarious – yet educational – manner. They offer tips and tools for helping your little one become a competent, independent, and adventurous eater. (@pathwaysorg)

This is a nonprofit organization with the goal of informing and empowering parents to holistically support their child as he grows. They offer free tools, strategies, and milestones supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Pathways provides simple activities and games to play with your baby as he grows to help him develop physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

Speech Sisters (@speechsisters)

Brooke and Bridget are moms, sisters, speech and language pathologists with over 20 years of combined experience. They offer courses and information to help promote healthy speech development for your little one, as well as support if your child might need an extra boost. The best part is, their techniques help you incorporate language development into your daily life and routines with your child -- nothing extra to add into your already hectic schedule! Brooke and Bridget are authentic, funny, and informative.

Sign ‘n Grow (@signngrow)

You’ve probably heard of baby sign language and wondered, is it worth all the hype? If you’re interested in dipping your toe in the water, give this account a follow. Mary Smith, mom and sign language instructor, posts signs of the week and demonstrates how you can model sign language for your child beginning as early as 6 months of age. You can teach him just a handful of signs, or go all in and teach him hundreds! Contrary to popular belief, teaching babies sign language does not delay speech development, provided that you say the word simultaneously when signing. Sign language can be a great tool to give your child to help him express himself long before he is capable of talking.

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Unknown member
Sep 22, 2021

These are great Calesse! Thanks so much for sharing.

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