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The Mamistad Group Guide


New Group Step-by-Step Guide

​Catch up on all the latest Mamistad news via our latest Mami Memos ​here:​. 

Here's an example of info shared in the Mami Memo:

As a paid member, if you refer a new mom to Mamistad today thru 3/31/23 and she becomes a paid Mamistad member, 

I'll send you $10! 

Limit 6 referrals ($60 max). 

Just make sure she mentions your name when she completes her profile!



Lovely Mamis!


Welcome to Mamistad 214 (M214) - a First-time Pregnant Mami Group for moms due April - July of 2023!   Your group is starting with 5 members, and  

I will continue adding new members to

 your group

 until you have 10-12. We'll revisit this number later.   


Your group also has its own Google Sheet so that you all can edit your info as necessary-just click your group name in the chart to access it. Here's what it looks like now:


PAYMENT: If you have not already, you will receive an invoice via PayPal for the ONE-TIME fee of $75. Payments may also be made by simply clicking here: PayPal.Me/Mamistad. Again, Mamistad is my more than full-time job. Though I wish I could connect moms for free, I've learned over time that I must value my work and my time. Thank you for understanding this my Mama Sisters!. If you are financially strained and would like to discuss other payment options, please contact me. :) 


​FIRST MEETING: ​If you're interested, I would love to meet with you all for the first time to help get the ball rolling! Please go to the Mamistad Calendly Page and select "Mamistad Group Meeting with Cynthia" to select the day/time that works best for your GROUP.  :)



Quick Group Tips: 


REPLY ALL (after removing me from the distribution list) 

with a quick intro to yourself and then describe your pregnancy 

with 3 adjectives.


Don't forget 

to select a designated Mamistad Meeting Day - 

it's a great way to cut down on scheduling issues. My humble 17 year experience

has shown me that groups who let time pass before connecting have a 

harder time gaining momentum. 

*Contact me if you'd like me to place these on the Mamistad Calendar for you to keep track of RSVPs!


Feel free to propose a meeting at any time, 

and if only one other mom can make it, you should definitely DO IT!  

Just keep striving for those all big meetings though - you'll be so glad you did 

when your babies are here and ready for newborn playdates! It's a thing! 




Next steps:


 1) Get the conversation rolling by clicking the WhatsApp link in your chart above. For your privacy, as soon as you guys join, I will exit your group. If I forget, I won't be hurt if you remind me! :)


2) Please join the Members Only section by clicking the Join Mamistad link in your chart above. Aside from lots of member stuff (Mami Blog, Forum, upcoming Swap & Shop, and more...) it's the best way for me to reach you with the Mami Memo and other announcements (events, offers, etc...) I promise I won't over email you! You're part of the sisterhood now - please stay connected! You can also share your favorite books and resources in our Member Forum here:

3) My Month Mami Groups: You can join yours on the Member Groups page of the Members Only Section. You should find your My Month group's WhatsApp link there as well. If you don't, please let me know! :) 


3) Don't forget about our Mamistad Affiliates, Milkology, Prenatal Nutrition Library and Mindful Mama! 


4) Spread the word about Mamistad with any other mom's groups you may be in or mom's lists you may be on! This pandemic has taken a toll on our fellow-first-time Mamis out there. I want us to reach as many of you as possible. Now with our Virtual My Month Groups, I'm hoping we can help more moms share this awesome journey! and are great for this!   And don't forget to follow Mamistad on Instagram





The goal of Mamistad is to bring mamis together to nurture and support each other through a new and amazing time in our lives.  Please approach all meetings with your fellow Mamis with an open heart and mind and leave the mommy judgment for the rest of the world.    I am here for you - please contact me with any thoughts or Mami/group concerns you may have. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for sharing this amazing time of your life. 

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