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*Currently, Mamistad Membership Gift Certificates are available for moms who are: expecting their first baby, or have a newborn less than 3 months old, and live in the Fairfax County VA,  Washington DC, Austin or Denver areas.
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Want to give a new mom a truly precious gift? Give her the gift of mom friends.

We call it Mamistad.

Having your first baby brings a lot of other firsts too. It's a totally new world full of joys, concerns, ups and downs.
Many moms are so busy preparing for baby, they neglect to prepare for MOM. Giving a new mom the gift of Mamistad means
she'll have friends beside her as she navigates the new mom road, and allies to brave the challenges with.

When you give a new mom a Mamistad Membership, you are giving her the gift of a First-time Expecting Mami Group, or a Brand New Mami Group so that she can connect with 10-14 other moms whose first babies are due or were born, within 3 months or her due/delivery date.
Groups are formed for moms in the same general area so that they may connect virtually and in-person as they choose. 
Mamistad groups have been forming close-knit groups of new moms, and consequently, family communities, for over 16 years.

If you are a first-time pregnant or new mom and would like to receive a Mamistad Membership as a gift,
please complete your profile here. You'll see the options to:

1) Request Mamistad as a gift from someone by supplying their email address or
2) Request the info to add Mamistad to your baby registry!

Don't miss the miracle.



Gift Certificate Fees*

 Fairfax County, VA Group: $75

 Washington DC Group: $75
Austin, TX Group: $50
Denver, CO Group: $50

*Invoice will include $2 processing fee.


(click the gift to get started)

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