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To connect first-time expecting and New Moms - in person via Local Groups where possible, and in Virtual Groups when not - for support and friendship during the ups and downs of their first pregnancy and new motherhood.

*New Moms are defined as those withbabies up to 6 months old. Moms withbabies age 6-12 mos. may be placed in an existing Local Group if there are spaces available.

Group fees are ONE TIME.


Find Your Mama Tribe

Join your New mama group in 3 easy steps: 

1) Submit your profile


2) Attend a New Member Zoom


3) Confirm your interest & be introduced to your group via email.

Remember to prepare for the birth of Mom 

If you're having your first baby, even if its not with Mamistad, please find a new mom's group as soon as you can. Check out this list of

18 Empowering Mom Support Groups in the DC Area.

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MAMI TIP : For the best Mamistad experience, RSVP for a New Member Zoom Chat as soon as you submit your profile. You'll get all the info you need right away & possibly in your the same day! Those who put it off because they are too busy preparing for baby, often regret not having found Mami friends BEFORE they feel overwhelmed postpartum.

VirtualMami Groups

Virtual groups designed for you to connect VIRTUALLY with moms who are:

- in various cities and states

- due in the same 2-3 months

Currently, new members joining us thoughout the U.S. are welcomed to join these groups after attending a New Member Zoom Call.

New Member OTF: $25

Paid Mamistad Members OTF: FREE

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Round 2 Mamis

Pregnant with your second baby? 

Let's connect you with other moms having their 2nd baby!

New Member OTF: $50
Paid Mamistad Members OTF: $25
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Coming Soon:

Mami Playgroups

Want to connect with other moms in your general area with little ones born within a year of yours? 

Send us your info (city & zip, children's ages) to let us know you want to be in the loop!

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