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Let's do our best to sort through all that "new mom stuff" together.

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As always, we recommend that all new Mamis have a real life lactation consultant go-to before baby arrives. It's always good to have a trusted expert to call when you have questions.

Milkology is a no stress and inexpensive ($27) way to back up your Breastfeeding support system! Taught by Stacey Stewart, CLE and founder of Milkology, these classes are meant to be reviewed on your timeline and you'll have them as a reference when needed. 

This is also a great way to have your support team attend a class with you! 



The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class  

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class  

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class 

Mamistad Affiliates

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More to come.

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Awarded Best in Pregnancy 2021 by Healthline Parenthood, is the No. 1 mindfulness

and self-care app for mothers. Founded by a licensed psychologist, it offers accessible, evidenced-based mindfulness and meditation practices for every stage of motherhood— trying to conceive through empty nesting. 84% of mothers self-report feeling better or much better after completing a practice. Because you matter, Mama.


Use promo code MAMISTAD30 HERE and then download the Mindful Mamas app on your phone and create an account with the same email address as you registered on the VIP webpage.

*Cannot be applied to other promotional offers or current active subscriptions. 

Mindful Mamas is meant to bring helpful resources and mindfulness practices. 

We are not meant to function as a crisis facility or therapy services & we are not trained therapists.

Mindful Mamas App

MAMI GROUP TIP : Schedule a weekly ...zoom call at the same time/day every week-then block it out! You need & deserve this time. Regardless of how many can make the call, make sure you check in with each member. :)  *These calls are crucial when everyone can't meet in person!