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Let's do our best to sort through all that  "new mom stufftogether.

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MAMI GROUP TIP Schedule a weekly ...zoom call at the same time/day every week-then block it off! You need & deserve this time. Make sure you check in with each member present. :)  *These calls are crucial - especially when everyone can't meet in person!

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For YourMami Library

Year One Wellness

Year One

Austin TX

Dr. Kristi Hammerle, PT, DPT  


Year One Wellness was founded to serve infants in their first year of life, with a focus on early childhood wellness and function. They offer one-on-one in-home therapy for milestone delay, head flattening, torticollis (tight neck/body), tongue/lip tie, and breastfeeding difficulties. Also offered are Virtual or in-home (Austin area only) motor milestones screenings, wellness services and newborn classes taught by a developmental expert.

Click HERE (Passcode: 7Z?$vrtw) to see our Zoom Webinar with Dr. Kristi about how to screen your baby for some of the most common infant conditions like tongue tie, body tension/torticollis, and head flattening. 




As always, we recommend that all new Mamis have a real life lactation consultant go-to before baby arrives. It's always good to have a trusted expert to call when you have questions.

Milkology is a no stress and inexpensive  way to get lifetime access to your Breastfeeding support system! Taught by Stacey Stewart, CLE and founder of Milkology. 

This is also a great way to have your support team attend a class with you! 

Mamistad members use code

MAMISTAD for 10% off all Milkology online classes!  


The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class  

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class  

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class 


Just because I LOVE it...


Natural Life

 On a recent Zoom with members, a mom noticed my phone stand flowery phone stand and I ended up showing the moms on that call several of my finds from one of my favorite websites EVER, Natural Life. I figured I'd share it with all of you too, just in case you're interested. If you end up finding lots of good stuff, you can use my Refer a Friend Link for a discount. 

Everything they make is happy and postive. Patti, the Owner, is a kind and generous person. Karma is treating her well.


Sometimes the smallest thing will make you smile and lift your spirits! 

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