Welcome to the sisterhood of struggle and triumph, of heartache and bliss... 
Mamistad First-Time Pregnant and New Moms Groups

The Mami Network


It's not just you!

One of the toughest things about being a mom is 

honoring yourself.  

Motherhood brings vulnerability. 


Support and friendship on this journey matter.

Kindness matters.

Your Mom Power sustains your children & family.

Collectively, Our Mom Power sustains the world.

Welcome to the Mamihood.




Lovely Mamis:

The current health crisis is especially impacting on our first-time pregnant and new Mami sisters.  Isolation during pregnancy or new motherhood is quicksand. Unfortunately, that has never been more true than right now. 

For the time being, the Mamistad Membership Fee is reduced or eliminated as needed. The need for you to connect (virtually) to other moms to compare notes,  empathize, support and be supported is crucial.

So hurry up! 

Our next New Member Zoom Chat is this week!



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Blowing Flour

Find Your Mami Tribu

Mami Tribus (groups) are based on work status - SAHM or Office Mom (OM) to maximize your availability to connect. For 1st and 2nd pregnancy moms, the goal is to connect you with moms due within 3-4 months of your due date so that you share Mami Milestones together.  Once placed in a group, your contact info is shared with your group members ONLY. Here's what you do... 

1. Share your info​ & join the Mamistad Network.

2.  RSVP and join us for a quick Mamistad Info Meeting/Voice Chat.

3. Submit a small fee & ENJOY!

First pregnancy? New Mami? Second Pregnancy? Beyond...

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