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The First-time Pregnant
& New Moms Network

Since 2005

Mamistad forms first-time pregnant and new moms group for moms who are due or delivered their first baby within 3-4 months of each other.
In-person groups are currently being formed in the NOVA/DC*, Denver CO and Austin, TX areas. Just submit your profile and
find out what's available for you!
If you're not in these areas, please join us and request a virtual group. And, if we get more submissions in your area, we'll launch an in-person group for you.
NOTE: If the fee is your concern, let's talk about it. Connecting you with a group is most important.

Wherever you are, we'd love to meet you!

*If you're having your first baby, even if it's not with Mamistad, please find a new mom's group. You'll be so glad you did! Check out this list of 18 Empowering Mom Support Groups in the DC Area



The Truth. . . first-time moms are often blindsided by many aspects of new motherhood - it's tough!  Despite all their planning, they aren't prepared for the transition to motherhood.  

Having your first baby is likely one of the most impacting, life-changing and overwhelming things you'll ever do. Going with

the flow is essential to keep from drowning - and it's easier when you share the journey.

Mamistad groups connect new moms to navigate the trials and JOYS of new motherhood, together.  Relating is everything! 

Be like water  and go with the flow.  Remember, a sisterhood of moms, is a force of nature - just like water. 

Local groups are currently being formed in the NOVA/DC, Denver CO and Austin, TX areas.
Submit your profile to find out what options are available for you!
If you're not in these areas & want to connect virtually, please submit your profile
here to request a virtual group. If there are enough submissions in your area, we'll launch a local group for you!




Submit your profile (mainly due date and zip)* and find out if there's a group in your area, that matches your due date range,  or if one is in the works.

You'll get a Welcome Letter with your prospects within 24-48 hours.

*Mamistad does not sell or share your info.




Like the prospects?

RSVP for a New Member Zoom Call to:

  • Meet other new moms

  • Learn about the Mamistad Spirit that fuels our sisterhood

  • Get your questions answered!




Like what you heard on the Zoom?

You'll be introduced to your group via email & sent a one-time invoice.*

 Each group has its own private WhatsApp link for connecting and planning!

After you get familiar, invite your significant others and support people to join your Mamistad Community!

*There is a one-time fee of $65-85 (based on location) to be placed in up to two groups (if there are two available).
Fee may be paid in two payments if necessary - we'll figure it out! 


The Mamihood

This fast-paced world doesn't stop for expecting moms - and when its your first, things can seem even more crazy. You are bombarded with info and advice from everywhere and it can definitely be overwhelming.   

If you're not careful, anxiety can take over. We want you to enjoy your pregnancy.  Spending time with other first-time moms who understand what you're going through can truly make all the difference by helping you know that, you ARE NOT the only one. 

Don't miss the miracle(s) of new motherhood!




Mami & Founder

ps - Check this out...

Washington Post-Mother's Day 2012

Welcome to the Mami Network. Welcome to the Sisterhood of struggle and triumph and heartache and bliss...

Many moms put it off joining a group until after their baby arrives, but by then they feel completely overwhelmed and ISOLATED. My main goal is to form PREGNANCY groups because there are so many more benefits to you if you can form your Mama Arsenal while pregnant! There's a reason we've been in business for 18 years! Don't miss the miracles. 


It 's not just you !

One of the toughest things about being a mom is honoring yourself.  

Motherhood brings vulnerability. 

Support and friendship

on this journey matter.

Kindness matters.

Your Mom Power sustains

your children & family.

Collectively, Our Mom Power sustains

the world.

Welcome to the Mamihood.


Find Your Mama Tribe . . .


Mamistad groups are created to connect first-time expecting and new moms whose babies were due /delivered within 3-4 months of one another, so they share Mami Milestones together.​

1. Click HERE & submit your profile.

2. Attend a quick virtual New Member Info Chat.

3. After a small one-time fee, ENJOY!


Cynthia is a CAPPA
Certified New Parent Educator.

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