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I think what you created with these Mamistad groups is really beautiful! You don’t even really know how helpful these ladies are going to be until you have your baby (had mine 3 weeks ago) and start asking questions like “Is anyone else having night sweats?” And “What have you been using for X?” And Telling the girl who decided to move a month or two before she was due to take it easy. It’s a really beautiful supportive concept and helpful to have so many first time moms in the same boat giving you information and sometimes free stuff their baby no longer needs :) DG M161 8/7/19

I joined Mamistad after my daughter was born and not really knowing anyone in the DC Area. I was introduced to an amazing group of ladies and their babies. We were able to give each other support and lasting friendships that are still there after 13 yrs. Monica M4
Since I joined mamistad, I started to believe that I could also be strong, amazing and vibrant even though I was pregnant and it started a momentum in my life of self-care and reaching out with an open heart to connect with other mamis, including my own mom who I didn't really talk to much about motherhood before (I avoided connecting with her because I felt that motherhood was a burden to her and dragged her down. But now I am learning to look ahead toward my own future and now I know that I am not her and my story is not a repeat of hers). It's been a healing process and I am learning to mother myself and I am happy that it will help me to mother my own kids more wholeheartedly. Jen M149
I recommend and talk about Mamistad whenever I can. It's a great way to find a community in what can otherwise feel like a bewildering experience - that journey to motherhood. Theresa M164
As I started this journey called motherhood and how I couldn't imagine being a first-time mom without this special group of ladies! I had a traumatic delivery/postpartum recovery period and then got mastitis, which caused an abscess that I had to have emergency surgery for and caused me to have to quit breastfeeding - very traumatic experiences- and these ladies were there for it all! They supported me in my toughest moments as a mom - something that is so invaluable in this city of strangers. But beyond that, I will always remember our 2-4am Whatsapp conversations, when we were all awake and feeding our babies, trying to figure it all out and keeping each other laughing along the way. It's like we have been through a war together at this point and I couldn't imagine going through all that with anyone else. Sarah M150
Mamistad Introduced me to an amazing tribe of women. This was especially important because I did not live near any family at all. Six years and many more babies from all of us later we’re still close. It was amazing to have a truly private place to discuss mommy concerns with no judgment.​ S.E. M88
Mamistad was a great group for me b/c of the initial structure & limited number of mamas in each group. The smaller group made it me easier - I really enjoyed getting to know them all. 7 yrs later, I still see updates of our big kids on FB and made a lifelong friend. Crista M78
​All of my Mamistad mamis are great and offer a different perspective, but I got really close with one in particular. She is ALWAYS available to talk to, and we talk about everything, not just mommy life. I know I've found a friend for life, and I wouldn't have met her without Mamistad!​ Jessica M149​​
It's very isolating because none of my friends are pregnant. I felt even worse when I would reach out and talk about how I am feeling. Everyone says "everything is going to be ok". Agh! I hate that reply! I need some empathy here people! I am sooooo relieved to finally connect with women who are currently in my shoes and can relate in a real way without all the fluff or pretending that its just all so wonderful and magical lol! (I mean it is, but it's like 50/50). Since the meeting I feel so much better already! Jen (M148)
I'm so grateful to share this journey of motherhood with these intelligent, beautiful, kind ladies ❤️ They affirm me in my moments of doubt, they inspire me when I feel tired, and they provide me with laughter and mimosas just when I need them the most! Thanks Mamistad, for bringing us together! Grace MDC3
A few of us have been in this group since the end of our first trimester and then we added a more a few weeks later, even more as we got closer to our due dates, and even a few after babies started arriving! 
I cherish the connections we have made in this group and appreciate all the advice and support we provide for one another! This has been an amazing year of connection and I am so grateful for all of you! 
Thank you Mamistad Mamis for all that you do to bring us together! Sarah (M118)
My Mamistad group has been my number one resource and support system since we have no family in the area. Because we are all first time moms it's amazing to see everyone come into their own as a parent and how much we learn from each other. Emily (M116)

I am reaching out because my sister, who lives in Arlington, is expecting her first child in early June.  Mamistad was so wonderful for us that I wanted to share that opportunity with her. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! Ashley M81

Now with 8 babies between us, we can't thank Mamistad enough for bringing us together! Bevin M-85

Thank you again for putting this awesome group together. I seriously love all the girls and it has been such a great resource :) Nicole (MDC3)

I joined with the expectation of having access to info mainly and it has been so much more than that!!! My group has given unconditional support that I didnt even know I needed! Being part of Mamistad was one of the best decisions I took for my wellbeing and my babies wellbeing. I didn't know I was going to need this support, I didn't know motherhood can be scary and that I would be afraid and doubtful... having other mommies going through the same at the same time sharing and being there for you is priceless!  Patty (M118)


My Mami group experience has been wonderful. Our group still gets together once a week after a year. Our kids love playing together. This is my group of mommy friends. We have been through so much together as we were all there during our pregnancies and births - now we are there for each other as some of us are welcoming our 2nd children. It's awesome and I have absolutely recommended for friends to join Mami groups. Highly recommend! Katie (M110)


I don't think I could of sanely made it through my pregnancy and first year of Mom-hood without the ladies I met through Mamistad. Our weekly meet ups while pregnant gave me motivation, endurance and joy! I feel so fortunate to have met these women. Watching each one of us go from mother to be, to Mom has been an emotional rollercoaster. Our play dates keep me sane! When I miss a play date I am disappointed. These women have truly become my village. Suzanne (M115)


...the bonds I have formed with my group members supported me through some difficult days in the beginning. The 3 months of maternity leave can be isolating, but several of us mommas were persistent in making get togethers happen despite our new challenges just to get out of the house. Mary (M116)

Mamistad experience has been more fulfilling than I could have imagined. Initially I was nervous about joining but that fear was quickly assuaged upon meeting my group. It was like reuniting with old friends. The women in my group are supportive, thoughtful, honest, and have a tremendous sense of humor. I cannot even begin to explain the benefits of being surrounded by women who understand what you are going through because they are in the trenches with you. Cynthia's foresight in the creation of Mamistad was pure genius...she gets it. She gets that first time Moms need a sanctuary to discuss, laugh, cry and support each other as we transition to Motherhood. The bonds I have formed with these women sustain me. The old adage of "it takes a village" runs true...and thanks to Mamistad, I have found mine. Tamaro (M118)


There a moments as a new Mom where you just don't know how to handle a situation with your little one and feel scared or unsure. Mamistad offered a group of new Mom's that were going through exactly what I was, and I was able to feel a sense of security and friendship instantly.  I never had a situation where I wasn't able to get multiple good ideas when I needed them.  I would highly recommend Mamistad for any new mommy! Keri (M119)


I have had a great experience with my Mamistad group. All of the moms are great and each of us have our own approach to motherhood and parenting and the group has allowed us to have a safe and comfortable group to grow as moms. The support has been fantastic as well! Erin (M112)

Mamistad has been a great experience for me because it has given me a group of caring women to talk to about all things pregnancy and baby related.  None of my friends have babies yet, I am the first; so I felt like I didn't really have anyone to talk to.  The Mamistad women could relate to all of the new things I was experiencing as a new mami - the good, the bad, and the ugly! Being an introvert, joining a mom group felt really outside my comfort zone, but I knew if I wanted any mom friends, I had to put myself out there! It has been amazing to have a dozen women in my court, either for encouragement or making me feel like I am not alone. There is never a dumb question and I am so lucky to have a group of women outside of my normal circle, to chat with and meet up with. And I know that it will be great when my baby arrives because she will have built in friends! Being in this mom group, has given me chances to do things I never would do on my own. I can’t say enough good things about Mamistad and all the sweet ladies in my group. Bethany (M118)


All of the ladies I've met so far are great and it's nice to be able to share some of the weirdness of pregnancy with people going through it at almost the exact same time.  Early on, it made me feel better to hear how many people had major aversions to cooking like me since becoming pregnant (due to heightened senses of smell in early pregnancy).  And to laugh about how our significant others are handling things.  And everyone's different but I've found that by meeting lots of other people in a similar situation at least that you can pick and choose what you want to take from it and you aren't just stuck relying on 25-35 year old advice from our own mothers or mother in laws (not that it isn't great) or the often funny advice from our significant others. Rebecca (M121)


I joined when I was still in my first trimester. At the time, I was a single mother by choice and looking for support during pregnancy but also worried that I wouldn't really fit in with other moms in more traditional situations. As it turned out, I didn't need to worry. My group has been wonderfully supportive throughout. It was so helpful to have people to share the pregnancy experience with and the group has been a tremendous source of emotional support and shared parenting advice/ideas now that we've had our babies. I can't imagine having taken this journey without this wonderful group of women and I recommend Mamistad to anyone I meet who's newly pregnant. Hilary (M118)



Going through my pregnancy alongside such caring women was so great. I learned so much (and still am learning!) from everyone in my group. We took turns organizing meals for each new mom, and this was incredibly helpful. It's been such a joy to swap success stories, horror stories, and just be there for each other. I would never have met these friends if not for Mamistad. And as an added bonus, now my little girl has a whole group of playmates for when she gets older! Thank you, Mamistad. Stefanie (M112)


I am in Mamistad group 108 and 110.  Mamistad completely defined my first pregnancy and the wonderful adventures in baby raising that followed!  I joined Mamistad and immediately connected with an amazing group of fellow preggos.  I was the first of my friends to be pregnant, so I didn't have anyone else to talk to about my experience.  It was helpful and comforting to chat with other pregnant women and share our highs and lows.  It made me feel supported and totally normal despite all these crazy things happening to my body.  

Mamistad isn't just important to me, it is important to my daughter!  My group meets weekly and has since our babies were born.  Our children have grown up together!  At first, when our babies were not mobile, it was an awesome outlet for all of the stress and questions you have as a new moms.  As everyone has grown up and the kids have turned 1 and beyond, we get to have amazing playdates with great kids and great moms!  Our toddlers are all over the places, but it is so fun to see them grow together.  It is so nice to celebrate your own child's milestones, but I've also enjoyed rejoicing in the milestones of the other kids in the group. It has been such a positive experience and I try to recommend it to all of the first time mom's I meet! Catherine (M110)


Mamistad has been a great experience for me because it has given me a group of caring women to talk to about all things pregnancy and baby related.  None of my friends have babies yet, I am the first; so I felt like I didn't really have anyone to talk to.  The Mamistad women could relate to all of the new things I was experiencing as a new mami - the good, the bad, and the ugly! Ashley (M118)

My Mamistad group has been my number one resource and support system since we have no family in the area. Because we are all first time moms it's amazing to see everyone come into their own as a parent and how much we learn from each other. Emily (M116)

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