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The Mamistad

​Women are incredible, Moms are limitless, &

a Sisterhood of Moms is a force of nature. 

In an effort to help New Mamis navigate through the often overwhelming onslaught of new mom information and advertising that bombards you when you enter the new Mama world, I am building a list of recommendations based on Mamistad Member input as well as my almost 18 years of experience in the pre and postnatal world. A few of these recommendations can be found on our temporary Mami Stuff! page, but...

Mami Circle

Includes only our
very top picks. 

These are the go-to

When it comes to products and services, parents should carefully consider their own specific needs and concerns as they conduct their own research. This will help them feel confident in THEIR DECISIONS, by making sure any product or service they have choose meets their specific requirements. 

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