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Dear Mamis,

The current health crisis is especially impacting on our first-time pregnant and new Mami sisters.  Isolation during pregnancy or new motherhood is quicksand. Unfortunately, that has never been more true than right now. 

For the time being, the Mamistad Membership Fee is reduced or eliminated as needed. The need for you to connect (virtually) to other moms to compare notes,  empathize, support and be supported is crucial.

So please don't wait.

Your group is an investment. Mamistad groups are for moms who seriously want to commit to being an active member of a Mami tribe. Being active doesn’t mean you attend every event, but that your fellow members know you and your child(ren) and hopefully, your family! Your Mami Sisters should feel that you are an important part of the team. Groups have a membership limit so please don’t cheat yourself by joining a group you can't enjoy.

We want to know YOU!








First-time Pregnant Mamis

We're expecting you...



Mamistad wants you to share your first pregnancy with other first-time pregnant moms with similar due dates (within 3-4 months of yours) who plan to "return to the office" or "stay at home" after delivery just like you do, so that you'll have similar schedules to work with. 

We want to remove the stress of finding new mom friends once your baby arrives.  Friendship and support allows first-time pregnant moms and moms of newborns to feel confident and at-ease to celebrate the birth of their babies and all the other amazing discoveries that come along with the new motherhood experience. You'll also multiply your resources! 

Mamistad celebrates the birth of a baby, and the birth of a mother. Don't miss the miracle...


NOVA/DC area: $75 (includes Local Mamistad Info Meeting & Events)

Other cities: $45



Soyou've had the first baby and you're coming back for more!  You're in the right place!  If you were in a first-time Mami group, likely you have at least a few other moms to connect with.  But if you weren't, or you just want more friends, you're in t the right place!  Your second pregnancy is unique in that you are going to do it all again, but with a baby, toddler, or BIG KID in the picture. No worries, you got this. The roller coaster is already in motion, time to add another rider!  Don't miss the miracle...

One-time fee: $35,  $20 for existing members.

Second Pregnancy Mamis

You got this...

Mamistad Mami Playgroups are for those moms who don't quite fit into the 1st or 2nd Pregnancy groups because they're pregnant with their 3rd (or 4th, 5th...) OR, they don't have a child or children under 1 year of age anymore. These groups are based on "work status" (SAHM vs OM) and location as closely as possible. If you have any other Again, Mamistad started in the DC area and is now in Austin and Denver.  We want to reach even more areas so go ahead and submit your info. As soon as we have other moms in your area, we'll let you know! Regardless of your stage of Mamihood, good Mami friends can make all the difference. 

Don't miss the miracle...

One-time fee: $25; 50% off for existing group members.

Mami Playgroups

Busy moms need friends too...