How Mamistad Works

The Goal & The Process

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The Goal...

Moms in the NOVA/DC, Austin, TX, or Denver, CO area
Mamistad forms First-time Pregnant Moms groups, Round 2 Moms' Groups and Mami Playgroups designed for you to connect in person with moms who are:
(1) in your general location,
(2) due within 3 months of your due date (for our first-time pregnant moms)
(3) have similar post-delivery work plans (for our first-time pregnant moms).

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Moms in the U.S. but not in the NOVA/DC, Austin, TX, or Denver, CO areas
Mamistad forms First-time Pregnant Moms groups designed for you to connect VIRTUALLY with moms who are:
(1) NOT in your general location (hopefully these will be based on time zone eventually) 
(2) due within 1 month (possibly 2 depending on demand in the beginning) of your due/delivery date.

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The Process (it's simple)...

Regardless of where you live: 
(1) Submit your profile

(2) RSVP to attend a New Member Zoom Chat for all the info! 
3) Submit a one-time fee and get connected with your very own Mami Group.



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Your group is your investment.

Mamistad groups are for moms who seriously want to commit to being an active member of a Mami tribe. Being active doesn’t mean you attend every event, but that your fellow members know you and your child(ren) and hopefully, your family! Your Mami Sisters should feel that you are an important part of the team. Groups have a membership limit so please don’t cheat yourself by joining a group you can't enjoy.

We want to know YOU!