The Goal & The Process

Mamistad was created in 2005 in VA to connect local first-time expecting and brand new moms for support and friendship. Now we are expanding.

For those mom's not yet in in our "local" areas, we  offer My Month Mami Groups, virtual groups for mom's expecting their first in the same month. 

Female Friends

The Goal...
​To connect first-time expecting and New Moms* to others, in person via Local Groups where possible, and in Virtual Groups when not.

*New Moms are defined as those with babies up to 6 months old. Moms with babies age 6-12 mos. may be placed in an existing Local Group if there are spaces available.

First-time Expecting & New Moms (babies up to 6mo.) groups are designed to connect moms in person with others who are (1) in the same general location and (2) whose babies are due (or were delivered) within 3 months of of one another. 

*after-delivery work plans were a criteria before COVID and will return soon.

- The one-time fee for Local Groups in our original DC/NOVA  area is $75. All other areas, $50. This fee covers the cost of being in two groups as well as your My Month Mami Group.

*Payments may be deferred or paid in installments as needed due to COVID.

My Month Mami Groups

For Mamis who want to connect
virtually only.

My Month/Virtual groups designed for you to connect VIRTUALLY with moms who are:

- in various cities and states

- due within 1 month of your due/delivery date.

- Currently, new members joining us thoughout the U.S. are welcomed to join these groups for free. 

Your Mamistad Group Is An Investment

Mamistad groups are for moms who seriously want to commit to being an active member of a Mami tribe.

Being active doesn’t mean you attend every event, but that your fellow members know you and your child(ren) and hopefully, your family! Your Mami Sisters should feel that you are an important part of the team. Groups have a membership limit so please don’t cheat yourself by joining a group you can't enjoy.

We want to know YOU!