Our Goal is to welcome moms into our Mami Network to compare notes, ask questions and be inspired. We also want moms to connect via smaller groups, with other moms in their general area who have similar work situations and babies or kids near the same age.

These are the criteria used in forming groups: 

~ Due Date

~ Delivery Date

~Ages of children

~City, State, Zip

Work "situation" - the term "working moms" is not used as ALL moms are working moms regardless of their job situation.  

"Office Mamis" (OMs)  tend to meet with their group evenings and weekends.

Stay-at-home Mamis (SAHMs) tend to meet during weekdays.

 First-Time Pregnant & Newborn Moms Groups



& New Mom Services 


2nd Pregnancy Groups




SAHM & Office Moms



Mom &Baby





SAHM & Office Moms


This is how we do it…

  1. Click JOIN US to see the different categories of groups we offer. 

  2. Submit your profile for the category of group(s) you’d like to join.

NOTE: your city, state, zip will be used to determine interest in your area.

  1. Expect a welcome email from Mamistad with news on whether a group already exists for you.

-If YES (a group already exists): You’ll receive the next steps to joining that group and paying the registration fee* to join the group!

-If NO (there’s not a group matching your choice yet): You’ll receive info on how you can be the first member - the Mami Contact (MC) for that group, or be placed on the waitlist until another mom steps up to be the MC.

*Groups launch when at least 3 moms (one of them the MC) have commited to it.

  1. Depending on your location, there are regular Mamistad Info Meetings held to better explain all things Mamistad. MCs may be given the opportunity to be trained and paid to conduct Mamistad Info Meetings in their area. 


* Your group is an investment. Mamistad is for moms who seriously want to commit to being an active member of a group. Being active doesn’t mean you attend every group event, but that your group members know you and your child and hopefully, your family! Your Mami Sisters know can say that you are an important part of the team. Groups have membership limit so please don’t join a group and claim a spot if you’re not going to use it. We want to know YOU!