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If you have had a good experience with Mamistad please share it! Every mom deserves to feel safe and understood as a new mom. Your recommendation could change everything for them! 

Neelam (M207)

“Nobody tells you how hard those first couple of weeks are. Well, even if they do, you can never be prepared for it. This group has been a lifesaver for me despite my so called village. I've been able to relate more to them than anyone I already know" 

Emily (M116)

"My Mamistad group has been my number one resource and support system since we have no family in the area. Because we are all first time moms it's amazing to see everyone come into their own as a parent and ho much we learn from each other. "

Marley (M118)

They've become like family, Joining Mamistad is one of the best things I've ever done. I was anxious and lonely after the birth of my first child, and the ladies of my group were there for me. Even though we are all very different, over the years they've become my family. 
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