Moms Throughout the U.S.


Mamistad was born in the DC area in 2005 to connect some local moms for support during their first pregnancy. Through the years, thanks mostly to word of mouth, it's grown to include more cities in Northern VA as well as Austin, TX and Denver, CO. In these areas, Moms are able to join "LOCAL" groups - those that are formed with the purpose of meeting in person with other local moms. We are now expanding to other areas and hope to have Mamistad Local groups in countless cities soon. :) Until then, moms in all locations are welcome to join "My Month Mami Groups" to connect virtually with others due the same month. If we get enough moms in your particular area (and within your 3-4 month due date range), we'll contact you to let you know there is a Local Group for you!


A Local Group is one that connects 10-12 moms with others who are:


1) due within 3-4 months of one another

2) in the same general area so that meeting in person is possible, and

​3) in non-COVID times, have similar after delivery work plans (Office vs Stay-at-home).

To begin, please click here to submit your profile. You'll then be directed to our Events Page to RSVP for a New Member Zoom Chat where you'll get all the other fun info!


While you wait for a group to form in your area, all First-time Pregnant Mamis are welcome to join their "My Month Mamis" group after attending a New Member Zoom Chat. My Month Mami Groups are for moms due who are due in the same month regardless of their location in the United States. 


We can't wait to meet you!