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The First-time Pregnant & New Moms Network

Welcome to the New Mami Network. Welcome to the sisterhood of struggle and triumph, and heartache and bliss . . .

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Please don't reinvent the wheel. Let's do this together.

Since 2005...

                  Mamistad groups have brought new moms together to navigate new motherhood. Though its a simple concept, the secret is in our willingness to support and be supported by each other. There's enough Mama judgement coming your way - let's create a safe space for you to learn and grow as a mom without unnecessary stress.

3 Easy Steps

1. Submit your Profile 

2. Join us for a New Member Zoom Call

3. Start your New Mami Journey with your group!



Here's what moms are saying...

"My Mamistad group has been my number one resource & support system since we have no family in the area. Because we are all first time moms.

It's amazing. to see everyone come into their own as a parent and how much

we learn from each other. "


~Emily (M116)

Our age is paying off...

Mamistad has been around a while now. We've seen a lot of parent-friendly services come and go. We've compiled our own lists of some of our favorite experts in

We're also happy to share our member favorites and recommendations! 
Know a great business that genuinely cares about parents and babies? Let us know!


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