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Request a First Pregnancy
or New Mami Group

Please complete this form if you are pregnnat for the first time
or have recently delivered or welcomed your first baby. Optional Items are in pink.
NOTE: If you are having your 2nd baby, please use this form
You will receive an email reply with your group option(s) for a Local Group, if one is available.
Local groups connect you with moms in your area (when available) and range from $60-$85 (one-time fee) only
when you approve of your Local Group option. This payment may be broken up in payments if necessary.

After completing this form, you will be redirected to the Mamistad Events Page
where you can RSVP for a short New Member Zoom Call so we can meet and answer all your questions!
You must attend a New Member Zoom Call (FREE) before being placed in any Mamistad group. If your schedule does not permit a Saturday meeting, please 
let us know.
Payment Options (please select one)
I UNDERSTAND that I cannot be placed in a group without choosing one of these options (select one):
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