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Vanessa Grace Cornoni

Stork Operations

Stork Childbirth Education founders, Lauren and Flynn, have worked together in private practice for over twelve years. They are both graduates of Georgetown University School of Nursing and practiced labor and delivery at Sibley Memorial Hospital-Johns Hopkins Medicine. 

While caring for expectant parents, they witnessed a lack of quality prenatal education. Stork Childbirth Education was created to meet this need and to give new parents confidence in the upcoming birth of their child.

As mothers themselves, Lauren and Flynn know the unique demands of new families and have formed an invaluable network of medical professionals to serve them. Offering virtual and in person classes, Stork has built an expert team across the east coast from Maryland south to Charleston. With board certified staff on the ground to teach virtually or in person, socially distant classes, you can trust Stork to meet your learning needs. Nannies, grandparents, and teachers trust Stork to provide CPR and Choking training, as we are proud partners with the American Heart Association. 

With Stork Childbirth Education classes, you can navigate pregnancy, postpartum, and your newborn’s first few weeks empowered with evidence-based education to help you embrace parenthood. Join us today in a class near and far.

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