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Lisa Marie Cook


Washington DC’s first “Mother-Friendly Nurse”, Lisa-Marie Sasaki Cook is a “Mother-Friendly” birth advocate, an experienced childbirth educator, labor and delivery nurse and doula with 34 years of childbirth experience.  She teaches the most recent evidence-based childbirth and newborn educational information available. You will learn how to have the easiest birth possible and the healthiest baby at home!  With so many books, blogs, and birth stories out there, it can be confusing to figure out what information you’ll need to know for your big day–look no further!  In a concise, information-filled class, you will learn everything you need from your last few months of pregnancy to the first week that you are home with your baby.

When should I take my class?  Ideally between your 32-36th week of pregnancy! Patients with high-risk pregnancy may want to take a course between 24-28 weeks’ gestation.

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