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Megan MacCutcheon


Megan offers several ways for moms to receive more support and she offers 50% off her courses to Mamistad members.

Her services include:

  • The Birth Bundle: A self-paced, online course to help expectant moms understand the importance of the mind-body connection in preparing for birth. Provides information and exercises from both physical and mental health perspectives.

  • Therapy: Megan runs a therapy practice, Be Well-Wellness, which offers in-person and virtual sessions.  Megan and her team have a specific focus on maternal mental health. Megan also specializes in helping individuals process and heal from traumatic birth experiences using EMDR, a modern, somatic therapy technique that provides quicker and more effective results than talk therapy alone. 

  • Coaching: While not all new moms need or are ready to commit to therapy, every mom deserves support and guidance. Via a remote voice & text messaging platform, coaching clients can connect with Megan as often as needed on a monthly subscription basis to get support, answers to questions, and tips and tools for navigating motherhood. 

  • Empowered Motherhood: An online course outlining many of the tools and strategies Megan offers her 1:1 clients in self-paced modules to help moms learn to feel more calm, confident, and well-balanced in motherhood. 

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