Welcome dear Sister. 

We've been expecting you...

The Mamihood

This fast-paced world doesn't stop for pregnant moms - and when its your first, things can seem even more crazy. You are bombarded with info and advice from everywhere and it can definitely be overwhelming.   

If you're not careful, anxiety can take over. We want you to enjoy your pregnancy.  Spending time with other first-time moms who understand what you're going through can truly make all the difference. It will help you see that no, you're not the only one.  So don't miss the miracle.



Mami & Founder

ps - Check this out... Washington Post-Mother's Day 2012

Mamistad celebrates your birth...as a mother.

Should I be this excited? Why aren't I more excited?! 

Are headaches normal? Why don't I feel anything?

How can I love this baby so much?! Why can't I picture myself as a mom?

How will I survive without sleep? 

Does it hurt? How does breastfeeding work? What stuff do I really need?  What's a DOULA? Do I need a midwife? Will I ever be the same?

Is it just me or...?

A: You got this. 

BUT, wouldn't it be great to figure all this out with other moms who "get you"?

Expect More...

Mamistad is Expecting...to make having your first baby a fun and enlightening experience for all new moms and consequently dads and families!   As we grow, our mission is to fill the needs of excited new parents eager to make good decisions in building healthy and strong families.  


ONCE -IN-A-LIFETIME you have your very first baby, Mamistad wants you to feel supported and ready when you do.